Retina Consultants of Charleston

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Retina Consultants of Charleston provides state-of-the-art care in the management and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases, as well as surgery of the retina, macula, vitreous, and optic nerve. Our elite team of doctors serves patients with expertise and compassion from eight convenient locations in South Carolina.

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    Retina Specialists

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    Ongoing Clinical Trials

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Treatments Offered

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Age-Related Macular
    Degeneration (AMD)

  • Retinal Vein
    & Artery Occlusion

  • Floaters & Flashes

  • Retinal Tears & Detachments

  • Macular Conditions

Why We Partnered
We at Retina Consultants of Charleston appreciate that our partnership with RCA provides an expanded level of clinical care and research opportunities for our patients and the eyecare community in Charleston and beyond.”Dr. Virgil Alfaro III
What Patients Say
It comforts me to be surrounded by such caring & knowledgeable people.”A Happy Patient

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