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Retina Center Northwest

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Retinal Consultants Medical Group

Dr. Sundeep Dev

Retina Consultants of Minnesota

Dr. Mario del Cid

Retina Group of Florida

Dr. Blake Anthony Cooper

Retina Associates, LLC

Dr. David A. Saperstein

Pacific Northwest Retina

Dr. Rodney S. Bucher

Associated Vitreoretinal and Uveitis Consultants

Dr. Elizabeth Richter

Retina Associates of Sarasota

Dr. David A. Reichstein

Tennessee Retina

Dr. David F. Williams

Retina Consultants of Minnesota

Dr. Ravi S. J. Singh

Retina Associates, LLC.

Dr. Dante J. Pieramici

California Retina Consultants

Dr. Carl Awh

Tennessee Retina

Dr. David M. Brown

Retina Consultants of Texas

Dr. Jonathan Jonisch

Vitreoretinal Consultants of NY

Dr. Jose Martinez

Austin Retina Associates

Dr. Margaret Chang

Retinal Consultants Medical Group

Dr. W. Lloyd Clark, M.D.

Palmetto Retina Center

Dr. David Cupp

Retinal Consultants Medical Group

Dr. Joel A. Pearlman

Retinal Consultants Medical Group

Dr. Raynor C. Casey

North Carolina Retina Associates

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  • When it comes to your retina, this tissue layer is susceptible to multiple disorders ranging in severity. However, even if you’re only experiencing mild symptoms, it may be a good idea to quickly contact a retina specialist for a comprehensive, diagnostic eye examination. This is the ideal opportunity for them to get the full picture of your general eye and vision health.

    For example, retina specialists may identify eye floaters, a very common symptom, affecting almost everyone at some point. Floaters are tiny particles that slowly drift through your field of vision, shifting in appearance, including spots, squiggly lines, or shadowy shapes. Floaters are permanent and will return, even with blinking. Usually a mere nuisance, floaters can become less noticeable over time.

    However, if you notice multiple floaters or sudden bursts, make a retina specialist appointment as soon as possible. Floaters may indicate potentially severe concerns, such as a retinal tear or detachment. They may also be mistaken for other conditions.

  • A general, or comprehensive ophthalmologist, is a physician trained in all aspects of eye care. They’re trained to diagnose and treat eye diseases, perform surgery, and prescribe and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses. A retina specialist is a type of ophthalmologist, either a physician or a surgeon. However, they’ve completed additional, intensive education and training, enabling them to provide both children and adults with more specialized care and treatment.

    Typically, patients are referred to a retina specialist following a comprehensive ophthalmologic eye exam. Specifically, you’d visit them for any diseases and conditions involving the retina and vitreous, the clear gel comprising most of the eye. They are the likely providers for any condition involving bleeding, infection, or cancer. Among the conditions retina specialists treat are: age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears and detachment, and retinal vein and artery occlusions.

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  • Retina Consultants of America comprises the premier retina practices in the nation whereby physicians of the utmost quality continually strive to share an best practices and ensure procedures and treatments delivered are at the pinnacle of cutting-edge.

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