Physician stories

The best stories are told by our partners.

Though RCA has a collective mission to transform retinal care for patients, we also measure success through the positive experiences individual providers have within our network. Hear directly from our physician partners on the freedom to practice medicine, the autonomy they’ve retained, and the collaborations that have elevated their work.

Helping patients see the world:
Uncompromising good care for your patients, no matter what it takes.”
Growing my practice, my way:
I can make decisions for my practice and fill the needs of my practice right then and there.”
Collaboration at RCA:
We learn from each other, and so we can incorporate techniques from other practices.”
What's gotten better since joining RCA:
You have a lot of control over your day-to-day life in a way that you might not have in other practice environments.”

We welcome your questions

  • Please fill-out our online form which asks for pertinent details including, but not limited to, your practice’s name, location (city and state), website address, and preferred method of contact.

  • While this is largely predicated on timing and availability of respective practices’ resources to fulfill data requests, a practice typically becomes officially part of RCA 3-4 months after a Letter of Intent is executed.

  • Yes, clinical and operational autonomy are not only paramount to practice and organizational success, but also legally preserved within RCA legal agreements.

  • Yes, RCA is committed to optimizing and shouldering administrative processes through consistent collaboration with business leaders to better support our employees and better serve our patients.

    • Preferred pricing on pharmaceuticals
    • Access to capital to enhance patient access and care
    • Intentional efforts and strategy to ensure appropriate payor reimbursement
    • Renowned research capability to continually evolve retinal care and remain on the cutting edge

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