What Our Experts Are Doing Outside of Office Hours

Posted on June 22, 2020 • by RCA • in News & Press, Retina Specialists, Retina Surgeons

We are proud of our network of experts and want to share the exciting things they have underway. This week we are highlighting Drs. Chang, Ferrone, and Halperin.

Dr. Margaret Chang will be a panelist at the upcoming American Society of Retinal Specialists (ASRS) meeting this July. She will be discussing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Pediatric retinal specialist Dr. Philip Ferrone has many talks and appointments underway, including:

  1. Serving as the ASRS Program Director for their Annual Meeting
  2. Moderating Wet AMD discussion (section 1) at Annual Meeting for ASRS
  3. Presenting Talk on Surgical Results of Combined Hamartomas of the Retina and RPE at the Jules Gonin Meeting
  4. Moderating ASRS Symposium at the Euretina Meeting
  5. AAO Pre-Academy Retina Meeting Talk on Management of Stickler Disease Retinal Detachments

Dr. Larry Halperin, from Retinal Group of Florida, has published many articles including:

  • Retina Times, “Retina Drugs in 2020: A health care policy perspective on pricing” co-authored with Richard Garfinkel
  • JAMA Ophthalmology, “Using machine learning to monitor Keratoconus Progression”
  • Journal of Current Ophthalmology, “Understanding the advent of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology”
  • Paper submitted to JAMA Ophthalmology, “Eye care trends in young adults”
  • Providing peer review: Journal of Vitreoretinal Diseases, Journal of Ophthalmology, and JAMA Ophthalmology

And, he has spoken at the following meetings including:

  • American Society of Retina Specialists, designed for current Retina Fellows, "Finding a retina job in a post-COVID world"
  • Moderator for ASRS annual meeting this summer, “Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium”